Homologation of your car

Homologation or inspection

Outsource homologation

Not every vehicle is allowed to participate in Belgian traffic just like that. There are, of course, various conditions attached to this. In the first place, you must request an approval certificate from the Belgian government. In addition, there are other matters that you need to arrange. We understand that this can be complicated for you. This certainly applies to people who have no experience with the procedures. Fortunately, we can help you homologate the car.

But what exactly is homologation and how can we support you? Read more below.

What does homologation mean and what are the general requirements?

The Belgian government tries to prevent traffic accidents as much as possible, which is why there are strict requirements for new vehicles. All vehicles and vehicle parts imported from abroad must meet strict requirements. Otherwise they may not be used on public roads. In this type of inspection, it is checked whether the vehicles meet the technical and administrative requirements. These include the requirements drawn up by the European Union.

When you have car homologation is basically sent to three general matters looked.

1) The safety

Safety must of course be paramount. This is not only relevant for the driver, but also for the safety of other road users. The first thing to look at is the brakes. Do they meet the strict technical requirements? If this is not the case, the vehicle may be rejected. The seat belts and tires are also checked.

2) Environment

You will undoubtedly have noticed the climate problems. Today we live in difficult times and everyone has to contribute to a better climate in Belgium. This also applies to the government and therefore vehicles must also meet various environmental requirements. The emission of polluted particles and gases is therefore also examined during the inspection. In addition, there are of course also rules regarding the sound. A vehicle may not cause noise nuisance.

3) Looking at the internal market

All European member states must meet the strict requirements of the European Union. So not only the Belgian rules are looked at, but also whether the vehicle complies with the rules of the European Union.

Request homologation car?

Many people assume that only recognized car manufacturers can apply for homologation. However, this is a misconception, because other manufacturers and private individuals may also apply for homologation. In addition, as a private individual or entrepreneur, you may also appoint a representative. He or she will then take over the procedure for you. We have experience in applying for homologations, so we can represent you and arrange everything from A to Z.

Various options for vehicle homologation

In the first place, we would like to talk to you without obligation. During this meeting you can indicate what your wishes are when it comes to registering your car. It is also possible that you can carry out certain matters yourself, but that you need us for the more complicated procedures. One of our experienced employees will give you appropriate advice based on the non-binding conversation.

Let's get started

We know exactly what they are looking at during the technical inspection. We can therefore quickly get started with your vehicle. We will temporarily take this over from you and then prepare it completely for the inspection. We check whether the car meets the various requirements. Is that the case? Then we will have it inspected for you as soon as possible. Do things still need to be adjusted? We will then discuss the various options with you.

Handling vehicle homologation

Has your car passed the inspection? Then first of all we would like to congratulate you, because that means that you can hit the road by car. There are still a few things that need to be completed. For example, documents must be drawn up. The certificate of conformity also still has to be arranged. We can also support you with these activities.

All in all, it is definitely recommended to use our services. Would you like to know approximately what homologation will cost? Request a non-binding quote via our website.