FREQUENTLY asked questions

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Do you sell vehicles that have already been converted to light freight?

No, we do not have a range of cars ourselves. You can contact us for the conversion of your car to light freight. This with the necessary requirements and inspections.

Is it possible to convert any car into light freight?

For most cars we can convert the car to light freight, but the requirement here is that a loading box is installed. This is therefore only possible for cars of the hatchback, station wagon, SUV, monovolume, jeep, etc ... type.

Vehicles such as convertible, coupé and sedan CANNOT be converted because there is no space for the cargo box, which is necessary for light cargo.

Can I have my car converted to light freight if I bought it abroad?

This is certainly possible, you must have the correct documents for this: a European Certificate of Conformity (= COC - Certificate of Conformity), the previous registration and you must have the car customs cleared with vignette 705. If you have these papers and your car meets the requirements, we can convert your car into light freight.

How much does it cost to have my car converted to light freight?

The cost price depends on the make and size of your car, on average a conversion costs 1250 to 2000 euros, free of VAT (intra-Community). 

You can always request a quote without obligation for a correct price for your car.

Is it possible to have more than 2 seats in a light truck?

According to current legislation, the loading space must be half the wheelbase. A rear seat cannot be kept, except for cars that have 50% cargo space behind the second seat, such as a Chevrolet Suburban or pickups with a double cabin. 

What do I have to do myself to convert my car to light freight?

You do not have to do anything yourself, you deliver your car and we take care of the complete conversion and procedure from A to Z. Both the conversion and the inspections are completely done by us, which is the only way we can guarantee the quality of the conversion.

How long does it take to convert my car to light freight?

The complete procedure of the conversion and the associated inspections takes an average of 3 to 4 weeks. In some cases this can be a bit longer as the manufacturer's approval can drag on.